✍️ We're taking expressions of interest for Intrigue Media's Founding Board of Contributors

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In our last Q&A newsletter, you may have seen our call for Expressions of Interest to join Intrigue Media’s Board of Founding Contributors.

Since we published that, we’ve had a lot of interest. We can’t possibly respond to everyone who’s been in touch, so, lest you think we’re rude, here’s a recap of what it is and why you should apply (hint: you’ll get equity in Intrigue Media 🤯).

Or, alternatively, if you’ve heard enough and just want to get cracking…

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What is it?

If the New York Times can have an editorial board, why can’t we? Our aim is to find 5-7 Founding Contributors who will create 1-2 pieces of original content per month, primarily for publication in Intrigue Cables

Who’s eligible?

Everyone! But if you’d like us to narrow down what we’re looking for:

  • Ambitious and creative thinkers with something interesting to say about the intersection of geopolitics, technology, and business.

  • Public writing experience is preferred but not essential. Far more important that you’re a great writer, with a unique way of expressing yourself.

  • Experience in geopolitics/global affairs/tech policy is also preferred but not required. Let’s be honest, you can quickly teach yourself foreign affairs, but high-quality thinking is… well you can learn that too but it's harder.

  • A sense of humour is non-negotiable. Making global affairs enjoyable again is our core mission, so you gotta be on board with that. After all, it’s good to laugh.

What’s in it for you?

We’re offering equity in Intrigue Media to each member of the Founding Board of Contributors.

What better way to get a diverse group of smart people together than to make it financially lucrative? If things go well, having equity will be far better for you than a journalistic stipend. That’s an offer you won’t find anywhere else, we promise. 

That’s it from us, we hope to hear from you soon.

- John and Helen

Interested? Click here!

P.s We don’t mind how, where, or when you work, as long as you write quality content.